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We have THREE chances for you to earn Summer Movie Series tickets this Spring!
  • CHALLENGE 1: Volunteer for 24 Hours in March or April!*
  • CHALLENGE 2: Fast track to the Summer Movies!**

*24 hours is equivalent to working 6-8 shows. You can earn one 10-pack of SMS tickets for each month, if 24 hours has been reached in both March and April. Hours may not roll over. 24 hours must be accumulated during each month.

**Jimmy Carr has two performances April 20. Both performances are counted individually towards the incentive. All fast track shows can also be counted towards your 24 hours. Thus, you can earn up to 3 packs if you work 24 hours each month AND work at least 6 of the selected shows.

Volunteer for 24 hours in MARCH for a 10-pack of Summer Movie Tickets. Volunteer for 24 hours in APRIL for a 10-pack of Summer Movie Series Tickets.
Volunteer for at least 6 of the listed shows and you'll receive a 10-pack of 2024 Summer Movie Series Tickets.
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