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Can I still be a regular in the new system?

Yes! If you are a regular, we will add you on your regular night(s) before shows are available for signups. You will be able to view these shows on your Volunteer Schedule.

What is my report time?

All times listed in the site are report times!

What is a User Group?

User Groups is a feature we are using to keep track of volunteers in trained positions. You can see your user groups from the dropdown menu at the top right. If you think you’re missing some positions, or would like to be trained in more, let us know!

Will we still be receiving needs lists each week?

We will still be in contact with the volunteers each week, highlighting which shows have open spots. Keep in mind the Galaxy Digital website updates needs in real time, so you don’t have to wait on us for those Monday Needs!

Do we have to wait for the last working day of the month to sign up?

Yes! Beginning on the last working day of each month we will start to activate needs. We will send a notification once all the needs are live and available for signups. You are encouraged to log in and actively monitor Galaxy Digital as the needs become live.

Will we still be receiving blue tickets?

Yes, for now. Eventually we will be phasing them out and streamlining the incentive through Galaxy Digital. We will let you know when this happens!

Can I use an old show pass or blue tickets?

Yes! You may turn in blue tickets before signups are made available for the show (about two months out) and we will sign you up. Remember to include the show title, date/time and position you’d like. If you turned in a show pass or tickets on a canceled or rescheduled show, let us know if you’d like to reuse them!

Questions about volunteering during COVID-19?
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